The Principled Entrepreneur’s Way, Part 1

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Principled entrepreneurs are not just CEOs; they can also be managers and employees. We impoverish the idea of entrepreneurship if we only think of entrepreneurs as people who start companies. The common thread among principled entrepreneurs is that they see and seize opportunities and are concerned with adding value for others. They are highly flexible and don’t stick to a paint-by-numbers management theory. An employee who is a principled entrepreneur would suggest a solution to a problem, not just bring the problem to management. Some would posit that creativity and innovation is something that can only be done within the confines of C-level authority or as a startup entrepreneur, because employees without that kind of authority have too little “wiggle room” to innovate, constrained by too many rules and too few decision rights. This is not true. Creativity and innovation can and ought to be practiced and done well at all levels of a company. Principled Entrepreneurs are successful creators no matter what position they have. That is because creativity is a major part of what makes us humans. When we create, we don’t just make more, but we become more. That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to invent a new product, that’s not what I mean by “creating”. Every job creates. You can create a clean room as a custodian, create a healthy and delicious meal as a chef, or create any kind of value for your customer or client. 

Another counter-intuitive aspect to contemplate is that limitations don’t not hurt creativity. They actually increase it. I write in, “The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship,” how creativity is an imitation of God in that it allows us to participate with the Divine. And when you think of the ultimate act of creation – God’s creation of the world – He chose an interesting path. With every act of creation, God further constrained himself in his next innovation, and the creations became more and more marvelous. Think about it, increased limitations proportionally increase innovation. THAT is the art of principled entrepreneurship!

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