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[The Ten Minute Entrepreneur] Business That is Both Virtuous & Profitable

Andreas is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for helping business professionals find deeper meaning in their work and sustainable success through principled entrepreneurship. In his book, The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship, Andreas shares his philosophy in a practical guide on how to start and do business in a way that’s both virtuous and

[Men On Purpose Podcast] Revealing the Diamond Means Breaking the Stone with Andreas Widmer

Listen to this episode from Men On Purpose Podcast on Spotify. Episode 293 is about the diamond in the rough. When we work, we don’t just make more. We become more. That’s advice from the Pope himself. I got to hang out with Andreas Widmer, who used to work for the Pope and now works for you. For years and years, through his stories and experience, Andrew has helped men declare value for themselves. He’s shared how the answers are within you and that change is never done. He offers a ton of wisdom for entrepreneurs and is interested in getting the word out of self-love especially for men. We cover a lot of ground including: choosing yourself, what it’s like to work directly with the Pope, dealing with your inner conflict, how to deal with feeling used, the need for validation and overcoming it. Today we’ll dig into Andreas’s insights of authenticity, facing conflict, and doing conscious work towards finding your purpose. To help you break through and see the diamond inside, we provide support for men in all walks of life, follow us at TIMESTAMPS:  00:07:26 Andrea’s story 00:12:01 Working for the Pope 00:14:20 When we work we just don’t make more, we become more 00:16:55 Feeling used 00:21:15 Feeling validated 00:24:35 Becoming the best version of yourself 00:26:00 Ian Gold 00:28:06 The miserable state 00:29:00 The birthing process 00:30:03 Making a career change 00:31:10 The answers are with you 00:32:45 No one else can want for you what you must want for you  00:34:40 The change is never done 00:35:30 Francis Michelin Story 00:35:45 You must break the stone to reveal the diamond 00:40:15 Story of the inventor of box wine 00:40:39 2 kinds of people; creators and harvesters 00:49:00 Setting goals and managing yourself 00:49:38 Making decisions now 00:49:45 Declaring value to yourself 00:54:00 Recalibrating schooling 00:59:45 Self-love & self-advocation Connect with Guest ❤️ Website: 📚 Instagram: 📷 LinkedIn: 📷 Email: Connect with Ian Lobas & the Men on Purpose podcast: CONNECT WITH US: EMAIL: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:  FOLLOW US ON: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: YOUTUBE: #change #self-development #purpose

[The Boston Pilot] In Business for the Common Good

Catholic entrepreneurs have an imposing defender in Andreas Widmer. Think business guru Peter Drucker wielding a halberd.

The 6-foot-9-inch ex-Swiss Guard is an entrepreneur, teacher, and enthusias

[Charles Koch Foundation: Impact Stories] “How may I help you?”: Andreas Widmer on The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship

Andreas Widmer is an associate professor in entrepreneurship at Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business, where he also is founder and director of the Art and Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship. A seasoned entrepreneur and business strategist, Widmer is author of The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship: Creating Enduring Value, a practical guide for … Continued